Do More of What Makes You Happy


When I woke up this morning, God told me to make today the best day of my life.  So, I did.  I went to Chickfila for breakfast, and once again, I heard a small voice in my head telling me to pay it forward.  Once I got to Chickfila, the lady behind me looked like she was having the worst day ever, so I obeyed God and paid for her meal, too.  Do I have the money to do that? No.  I am a poor college girl with barely 5 dollars to my name, but I know that God blesses those who obey him.  Once I got home from class, I watched a couple episodes of my favorite Netflix show, then I got a wild hair and decided I wanted to cook dinner for my roommate and I.  I NEVER cook.  I usually eat out or steal leftovers from my parent’s house.  I cooked an amazing dinner (chicken alfredo with broccoli and cheese) and now I am enjoying a cold cup of lemonade on my patio.  I have to admit, I have had a really good day and all because of that small, sweet voice of God telling me to do so.  This has reminded me that I need to start making the most out of each day.  Sometimes, that seems unrealistic because some things just don’t always go our way, but honestly, a lot did not go my way today, but I still chose happiness.


Today, my aunt got put back in the hospital because her kidneys are only working 28%.  She has been in the hospital for the past month, and Easter was the only day she has been home.  I lost my mail key, which is going to cost me a whopping $5 to replace.  I got a stain on my favorite shirt.  My best friend (who I am attached at the hip with) was hospitalized Sunday night, and I have not seen her since.  A lot of things did not go my way today, but I made the most of it.  You should, too 🙂  If you are having a bad day, YOU are the only person that can change that, so choose happiness, always. 


“May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13     

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