Just Do It


Today, I went to goodwill to buy some flannels. I was second in line to checkout behind the lady in front of me whom left some items in her cart after already paying. She said, “oh that’s ok, I will just buy them next time.” I said, “Go ahead, I am in no hurry, you can still buy them.” She said, “well I can’t run another transaction, it’s fine.” I said, “please let me pay for it.” (At this point I had no clue what I was paying for.) We went back and forth until I finally begged her into letting me pay for her items. She got them out of the cart, and one item was a belt, the other a cross. A cross. She started tearing up and said, “I’ve never had anyone do anything like that for me, ever.” I said, “praise God!” After I paid she asked me for my name, and she said that she was going to write my name on the back of the cross because she wanted to remember this moment forever. Then, she proceeded to give me the biggest hug I’ve ever received. I can’t help but think. Scratch that. I can’t help but know that this was God speaking to me.

One thing in 2015 that I seek to gain is Godly characteristics. Patience. Grace. Compassion. Slow to become angry. Forgiving. Giving. All of which things that were created by God. Our flesh does not produce such things, the only explanation for a smile, a hug, or an act of kindness is solely God.

This weekend, I had to opportunity to attend a christian conference, and I payed attention to the different ways that people let their light shine for God. One that stuck out to me most was a smile. A smile in which it was obvious that this particular person’s joy came from The Lord.

God created us to do these things. Don’t just survive each day, but thrive. Go out of your way to make the most of everything. Let everything that you do be done for the glory of The Lord. Whether it be a smile, paying it forward, a hug, or an encouraging note, just do it.

Kindness and giving spirits are much like the domino effect. Once one person does it, another will. If you pay it forward, you will create a long line of people paying it forward. Encouraging attitudes feed off of one another. It’s so easy to be encouraging when you’re surrounded by encouraging people.

Think about ways in which God would want you to show His glory. How are you going to do it.

Much love,

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