Happy New Year

Wow. Hi! It’s been 11 months since my last blog post- but never once did I think about abandoning the blog- instead I actually wrote several blogs and never published them due to fears of being vulnerable and feeling insufficient (all lies from the enemy). I had no intentions of writing today, but as I read Matthew 9 this morning I’m encouraged that there’s no condemnation in Christ, Jesus heals those who have faith, He longs for a relationship with us, He knows our thoughts, and He is ABLE. And the last few verses of Matthew 9 say “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field,” and with that I felt compelled to write with hopes of reaching those who are lost –not because I am sufficient of encouraging you on my own, but because He makes me sufficient.

As I sit in a quaint coffee shop and reflect over this past year, my heart smiles as I remember all the blessings upon blessings and grace upon grace from the sweet lord. On the other hand, I’m convicted because I was not “present” with the Lord but he never left me. I can so clearly see how He orchestrated every single detail- down to every second- of this year (and life always). He is good and present always, even when we are not. Friends, let that be an encouragement as you enter this new year.

Join me in praying to have hearts that are present over perfect this year, hearts that rejoice in being FREE in Jesus- not hearts that hold us captive to our thoughts, fears, and anxiety- but hearts that rejoice because He is good. He is faithful. He is divine. He is sovereign over every life situation. He is bigger than anything that comes our way. He carries the weight of our sins so that we don’t have to. Happy new year, friends. May your blessings abound and may you always give thanks to the Father.

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