My Best Day Ever

I am overjoyed to share the details of my most favorite day ever with y’all. I’ve patiently waited more than 2 months to get my wedding pictures back, but it has been worth the wait because Lissa Chandler Photography is THE BEST.

Getting Ready

Me and all my girls got ready together. We began the morning at 9 AM with our hair and makeup. Getting ready with my girls was one of my favorite parts of the day. We laughed, cried, and ate donuts and chicken minis.

Get you some girlfriends who look at you the way they looked at me when they saw me in my dress for the first time.

One of my presents to them was monogrammed flannels to get ready in.

First Look

Cameron and I had our first look on a bridge that overlooked the venue. It was perfect, and he cried, which is exactly the reaction I had hoped for. During our first look, I gave Cameron a watch that I had engraved for him. The inside says, “I love you more each minute.”



After the first look, we took pictures. It was so cold. Freezing, actually. My bridesmaids were wearing leggings and Ugg boots underneath their dresses. As soon as we finished pictures, we had about 5 minutes to freshen up. During that time, my mom was blow drying our feet to warm us up. The girls sat in a car with the heat on until the second they had to walk down the isle. So. much. unexpected. fun.


Their fur shawls were another present I got for them. The shawls were probably one of my favorite details from the wedding.

The Ceremony

For some reason, I was determined to get married outside, regardless of the weather. Looking back, an indoor venue wouldn’t have been a horrible idea. 😉 I provided a bucket of blankets for the guests “to have and to hold incase you get cold.” I made all the signs and programs for our wedding, which made everything so much more personal! Wedding planning was such a needed break during a stressful season of grad school.


I might be biased, but I believe we had the most ADORABLE flower girl and ring bearer.


This might actually be my favorite picture. 😉 ^^^

Cameron and I decided to do a “unity vine” as our union to demonstrate that without Jesus, we are not capable of loving each other. He is the vine, we are the branches. He binds us together.


We each poured a jar of dirt into the vine. Unfortunately, the vine didn’t make it back with us that night because it froze to death. In marriage counseling, our pastor made us promise we wouldn’t compare the life of our marriage to the life of our vine. Haha!

The Reception

So many fun things at the reception celebration.

First…THE. FOOD!!! Copelands of New Orleans did an outstanding job.


The Cartoon Artist–Caricatures.


The hot chocolate bar was a huge hit, and the cakes were amazing (Bizzy B’s Bakery in Bentonville).

Cameron’s grooms cake had a mug on top that says, “I like my coffee on the dark side.” He really likes Star Wars.

The Surprise Dance

Cameron and I worked months on a surprise dance to the final dance in Dirty Dancing to the song “Time of My Life.” A week before the wedding, I decided to choreograph and teach my bridesmaids a little part. It was so fun. Cameron did so good, and I was so proud.

The Speech

My matron of honor gave the most heartfelt speech. She began by telling the story of how I messaged her on MySpace when she stole my junior high boyfriend from me. She ended the speech telling about our walks with Jesus and how faithful He’s been in orchestrating our friendship. I love you, Samantha.



Other Details

Cameron’s socks. My shoes. ^^^


The reception area.^^^  The Bohemian Geeks did an amazing job arranging everything for us. Mom and I spent countless hours putting together all these decorations. We did it ALL, and that is a memory I will always cherish of my momma. ^^^

And last, but certainly not least, my flowers.

My momma made all my flower dreams come true. I am not lying when I say my bouquet was approximately 30 pounds. ^^^


We ended the night with sparklers in the snow.


Thank you for sharing our special day with us. We will cherish these photos and memories forever.


Much love,

Hayden Alexander ❤

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