He is Constant


Happy Sunday, y’all!

Here is a little bit of something that you may not know about me: I do not handle change well. At all.  Good thing Our Lord remains constant. But really, the end of summer is approaching, and as per usual, I am anxious.  Why do we become anxious?  An anxious heart stems from fear–fear of the future, fear of the present, fear that you have nothing figured out.  I, and you should too, find peace in the fact that God knows everything that is going to happen in the future; He knows everything that is going to happen today; and He has it all figured out–every step, every detail.

Recently, I have had anxiety about entering my senior year of college.  Seriously, where did the time go?  I feel like I have wasted three years of some of the most important times in my life on nothing.  I feel like I need to squeeze everything that I did not do into this last year of college.  God spoke to me when I tried to make a timeline of events this morning.  My thoughts went a little like this: “Ok, so I am graduating in May.  Before then, I need to go to Africa, figure out where I want to teach, and find a boyfriend (lol jk, kinda).  Hmm, maybe I can go to Africa over Christmas break because I won’t be able to go in the summer because I will be taking classes for my Master’s degree. Blah, Blah, Blah…”  In essence, God asked, “Hayden, why are YOU planning all of this?  Since when is your plan better than mine?”  Obviously, He is right.  I mean, after all, He is the God of the Universe and he knows when/if I will go to Africa.  He knows where I am going to teach.  He knows who I am going to marry and when I am going to marry.

During my walk with Christ, I have learned a few problems with trying to plan my own destiny.

  1. When we plan something in our hearts and minds, we are setting up expectations.  Expectations that may or may not be met depending on what God has willed for us.  Therefore, we could end up in heartbreak.
  2. God’s plan always prevails.  I can plan and plan all I want, but The Lord’s plan is going to come through.  I simply have zero control over what is or isn’t going to happen.
  3. Because of my flesh, I plan my future based on Earthly things.  For example, I’m sure when most of us think of our future, we glamorize it.  We imagine success, a gorgeous home, a wonderful significant other, and little babies with bows and bow ties.  That might be God’s plan for some people, but it is not His plan for everyone.

Join with me today in praying for peace and rest.  Rejoice because we do not have to fear what is to come because nothing comes my way or your way without the approval from God.  Pray for God to consume us more than our lives currently do.



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