My Best Friend’s Wedding

hi faithful friends and followers! 

This past weekend, I visited Beaver Creek, Colorado for my best friend, Samantha, and her newly God-given husband, Justin’s wedding. I learned so much about how faithful, forgiving, and AWESOME our God is.  It was an amazing weekend spent with people I had never met but people that will remain lifelong friends. I could go on and on about how we laughed until we were crying, how beautiful the wedding was, and how stunning my best friend looked as she walked down the isle. But, instead, I want to talk about how much glory is brought to God through weddings. As a single woman, I cannot talk about marriage as if I know what it is like; however, I think that sometimes, we forget that a marriage is a holy matrimony intended to bring glory to God. Each person in a marriage is vowing to put his/her life down, just as Jesus did for us.  Each person dies to himself just as Jesus did for us. A husband and wife must be gentle and patient to each other, just as Jesus is to us. A husband and wife must show each other grace daily, just as Jesus does for us. The two become one, rooted together in Christ for the rest of their lives. 

Marriage demonstrates a love that cannot be separated by man just as Christ’s love for us cannot be separated by neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow, nor by the power of hell. (Romans 8:38)  How beautiful is that?

This weekend, I observed first-hand that marriage is one of the direct ways that we can experience God’s love for us. Also, it teaches us how to love someone as kindly and gently as God does us.

Samantha and Justin, I know you’re in Tahiti enjoying God’s beautiful creation, but I think I can speak for everyone else when I say thank you for leading an example of what it looks like to have a Christ-centered relationship. Words will never be able to express how beautiful and flawless my best friend looked as she walked down that isle to meet her husband. Justin, thank you for loving my best friend so greatly. I love you both and I cannot wait to see how God uses you in marriage. 



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