Traveler’s Note

As many know, I have been in Belize for the past 6 days. I will be leaving Saturday.  My next post will be a detailed description of what I did each day, mainly for myself because I want to remember it for the rest of my life. But, read on my friends!  This post is just going to sum up what I’ve learned about this culture and what Belizians say about Americans. 

About Belizians:

They’re happy. 

They consider themselves “peaceful,” meaning that they let their children walk around town with no worries because they know no one will mess with them. 

There is only one prison/jail in the entire country, and it has a gift shop. 

They’re nice. Very nice. 

The most common religion is Christianity. 

The school curriculum is similar to that of the United States. 

The kids have to walk home for lunch (1-3 miles) then walk back to school for the rest of the day. 

They like very, very spicy food. 

Everyone paints their house a different color. 

They ride horses most places. (In some parts of the country)

They have many “car washes” but it is really just someone hand washing the car. 

Some home owners pay only $30 dollars a YEAR in property tax. 

Every child must wear a uniform to school. 

The cops do not pull people over for speeding. 

There are speed bumps every 100 yards in most places. 

They hang-dry all of their clothes. 

What Belizians say about Americans:

During a conversation I was having with my new friend wilbert, we discussed house colors. I asked him if everyone painted their house and he said yes. I asked what color his house was and he said aquamarine and light blue. Then he said,”no offense, but you Americans are boring people. You have no taste in color.”

During a conversation with my new friend Robert, we discussed gas prices. I asked him how much gas was per gallon. He said it is lower than ever right now and about 8 bz dollars (4 dollars in the U.S.). Then he said it is usually 12 bz dollars (6 dollars in the U.S.). I said wow. He said, “yeah you Americans are paying less than 3 dollars, and you’re still complaining.”

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