Good Hair Days

While having coffee with a friend, we discussed what exactly God wants to hear from us.  She told me that one of the Godliest women that she knows prays about having good hair days.  With probably too much expression on my face, I thought to myself, “That is crazy.  There is so much more to be concerned about than bad or good hair days.”  At first, I thought it was degrading to God.  Why would we pray about something so “first-world” when we should be praying about other things.  Then, I had a change of heart.  God wants us.  All of us.  God isn’t concerned with how we pray or what we pray.  He is just concerned with the act of praying.  At least we are praying, right? But really, after I thought about this for a while, I learned that praying for good hair days requires complete trust in God.  Ok, I’m sounding a little crazy now, right?  Bear with me…

The girl who prays for good hair days believes that her God can give her good hair days.  She takes her “hair days” out of her own control and puts it into God’s hands.  I would assume that this girl is trusting God with not only the big, scary things, but the little, “unimportant” things, too.

I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours

Mark 11:24

We can take away many things from this verse:

  1. We can pray for anything.
  2. Praying, but not believing that God can perform work, is useless.
  3. If we pray and we believe, then we will receive.


God wants nothing more than a relationship with you.  He meets us wherever we are with his arms wide open.  Whether you’re talking to God about your hair or your future, it all means the same.  By no means am I implying anything about appearance or the importance of good hair days.  I am just reiterating the importance of prayer and the importance of talking with God.  The more you talk, the closer you feel.  The closer you feel, the more peace you receive.

Wishing you all the best of hair days,

xoxo Hayden.

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