Pray for Divine


Hi all!

On February 6th, 2015, I made the decision to sponsor a child through a Christian organization called world vision. I had prayed for several days about this process, if it was for me, which organization I should sponsor through, and which child I should “choose.”  Choosing a child was my biggest issue. They are all so deserving. On February 6th, I went to the world vision website and said the prayer, “Lord, there is no way for me to choose a child. I love them all. I will trust that the next one that pops up on my screen is the child that you want me to sponsor.”  Guess what?!? The next child that popped up was my sweet girl, Divine. Guess what else?!? It just so happened to be her birthday that day! God works in really cool ways!

Divine lives in Rwanda, Africa with her two sisters, brother, mom, and dad. She is residing in an aids infested area. Her family survives on 400 dollars a year. She wishes she could be in school, but instead she has to work. Her job is to carry water from the wells back to her hut. Her favorite thing to do is to play catch.

World vision uses my support money to provide access to clean water, education, nutritious meals, awareness of AIDS and HIV prevention, and much much more.

More importantly than my support money, Divine needs my prayers.  I find myself “forgetting” to pray for her some days.  I get so caught up in my own bubble that I forget about bigger problems around me. I ask that you pray for me to be consistent in praying for Divine, but most of all, I ask that you will pray with me for Divine, her family, and her community. I hope she can feel God’s love shower down on her, and I hope she understands that God has a bright plan for her future.

Also, I really encourage everyone to check out child sponsorship. Not only is it a blessing to the child, but it is a blessing to you as well.  There are many great organizations. I sponsor through

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