All Glory be to God


There are several days when i wonder to myself “Why do i keep writing blogs, what is the point?”  

About a week ago, i was reminded exactly why i do this. 

One of my first posts was titled “Clean Slate.”  It was about my cousin, so if you have not read it, i encourage you to read it before reading this post.

 My cousin is the same age as me (20 years old) making us have a very close relationship.  He is currently in prison.  I communicate with him through an email service, where i send him an email, and he gets it later that night.  He can write me back with paper and mail me his response.  One of the last emails I sent him was about different books of the Bible and what I had learned from them this summer.  For his sake, i talked a lot about the book of James.  My favorite verse in James is James 1:27–“Keep yourself from being polluted by the world.”

It was later that week when i actually went to visit him.  The first thing he told me was that because of my email, and because of the Word of God, he had made a good decision that will save his life when he gets out of prison.  He told me that FIVE minutes after he had read my email, he was offered some drugs in prison (yes, sadly that happens).  Because God had laid it on my heart to share with him that verse, He was kept from being polluted by the world.  Strongly, he was able to say NO and then showed everyone that email i sent him.  Oh, happy day! 

All Glory goes to God!

This situation reminds me that through grace, God granted us free will.  That does not mean that God wants us to abuse His grace. Remember this next time sin tries to take a hold of your life. 

So, THAT is why i write.  THAT is why i share my love for Jesus Christ.  

Traveling around the world and following the verse Matthew 28:19 is something that is huge on my heart.  But, until i am able to travel and share the Word of God, I will continue to share it through my blog, which has successfully reached 8 countries–the US, UK, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Ireland, and Japan.  

much love, 


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