Hello friends and followers!

I recently just got back from Maui, Hawaii, and I had 12 hours on the plane to think about what I wanted to write about. However, I never had the chance to publish it, until now. Here’s what came to mind… I have this deep desire to travel. I want to see the ugly, the bad, the unseen, the untouched. I want to see everything. If I could live out of a suitcase, I would. There’s just something about seeing things that are so much larger than us. It reminds me of how BIG our God is. As beautiful and breathtaking as Hawaii is, the living conditions are not so great. However, I felt the presence of The Lord more that week in my life than I have in a really long time. It’s an eye opener seeing people who are less fortunate have such joy and peace. The only explanation for that is God. God was everywhere there.

While I was on the plane leaving northwest arkansas, I said my prayers for safety, but I also asked God to help me grow in Him while I was on vacation. I did not want to go on this fabulous vacation and push God away for the week. I wanted to see God. I wanted to experience God. I wanted to be reminded of how small I am and how big the world is. And, I was definitely reminded. I could go on and on and on about everything I did, and the wonderful things that I got to experience. But, I will just tell you about my most humbling experience. I did this thing call The Road to Hana. I basically drove around the entire island of maui. There were several fruit stands and shops on the side of the road along the way. Since my mom was with us, we stopped at every. single. one. of. them. We made our way into a jewelry shop. It was all handmade stuff from the island. I am not a shopper, so I walked in and walked right out; however, my mom lingered in there for 45 minutes. As she was walking out the lady stopped her and gave her a CD. It was a DVD that explored the wonders of God’s creation and glory. The lady said to my mom, “give this to your daughter. I could feel The Lord in my presence just from her being in my store.” Wow. Although this lady was a Christian, along with the majority of the Hawaiian population, I was still very convicted of what she had said. Not because I felt special. But because I want to walk this Earth and bring people to Christ through my actions.

I think that’s an important aspect for all of us to focus on. The way we live our lives is the way people view us. If we live in such a way that honors Christ, then hopefully people who do not know Christ can be brought to Him through simple things such as a smile or a kind word.

With love,


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